Coaches and Staff

Debbie - Head Coach and Founder of Premier Stars. 

(Stadust, Silver, Blazing, Allstars, Crystals)  


Debbie has been involved in Cheerleading for the last 24years. She started as part of Leicester City Football Clubs Cheerleaders in 1995 and in 1998 set up Premier Stars.


Whilst Debbie was performing she entertained crowds at some of the UK's top venue's including Old trafford, Wembley and Royal Albert Hall. She also competed in America with Premier Allstars gain 2nd and 3rd place in tough divisions. 


Debbie was part of Team Britain and BCA (British Cheerleading Association) Staff from 2000-2006. She gave this up after the 6 years to concentrate more on Premier Stars, Whist she was part of this team she coaches and judged at competitions all over the UK and in places such as Malaysia.  


Debbie now coaches in a number of schools across Leicestershire on a weekly basis promoting fitness and self esteem to a wide range of children.


Debbie holds cheerleading qualifications in NCSSE 1-4, USASF 1-5 and BGU 1-5. Judging qualifications with cheer ltd, ICC and Future Cheer. 


Alongside these qualifications she also holds, First Aid, Badminton level 1, Netball level 1, Mutli Skills Level 2, British Gymnastics Level 1, DBS, Child safeguilding and a BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science. 


Charlotte - Twinkles, Stardust, Cosmic, Dazzle, Blazing - Future Cheer BGU 1 - 5 Qualified, First Aid.


Millie - Moonshine, Silver, Thunder - Future Cheer BGU 1-2 Qualified, First Aid


Sharna - Schools Coach, Cheer and Gymnastics Coach - USASF Level 5, NCSSE Qualified, First Aid 


Charleigh - Starlight, Midnight, Sparkle, Thunder - BGU 1-2 Qualified, First Aid


Millie S - Starlight, Storm - Training to become a qualified coach


Jess - Moonshine, Sparkle, Sunshine- BGU 1-2 Qualified.


Cynthia - Allstars and Gym Coach BGU 1-3


Millie D: Gym Coach BGU1-2


Laura : Gym Coach BGU 1-2


Kirstin: Junior Coach


Maddie : Junior Coach


Jenny - Event Organiser / Accountant


If you think you would like to join our coaching team we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our team.





2015/16 Competition Results


31 x 1st Place

15 x 2nd Place

9 x 3rd Place

5 x  5th Place

5 x 6th Place


Legacy Cheer and Dance

Dream Extreme





2014/15 Competition News


19 x 1st Place

8 x 2nd Place

6 x 3rd Place

5 x 4th Place

1 x 5th Place

1 x 6th Place

1 x 7th Place

1 x 8th Place


2013/14 Competition Results


10 x 1st Place

4 x 2nd Place

3 x 3rd Place

2 x 4th Place

2 x 5th Place

1 x 6th Place

1 x 7th Place

1 x 9th Place










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